The Udall Alumni Association is a community of students and professionals dedicated to serving Native American nations and the environment.

Every Fellow, Intern, Scholar, and Honorable Mention recognized by the Udall Foundation is automatically a member of our community.  We are well over 2,000 strong, and are dedicated to maintaining a supportive community of visionaries and change-makers. 


Get Involved

Alumni can get involved with our active community through the Udall Listservs, Regional Networks, our Mentorship program, or Webinars!

Udall Listservs

THE UDALL LIST-SERVS are maintained by the Udall Foundation, NOT the UAA. Reach out to the Udall Program Manager to get on the list or update your e-mail address (the address you applied with is automatically added). Once you are a member of each list, you can reach them at:

Native: UDALLALUMNI-NativeNetwork@list1.udall.gov

Environmental: UDALLALUMNI-ENVIRO@list1.udall.gov

Current Board Members

The UAA is a volunteer-run organization led by the UAA Board of Directors.

2021 Board:

Executive Team:


Nora Cata | President
2013 Native American Congressional Intern
San Francisco, CA
Nora resides in San Francisco and works at Stanford School of Engineering’s entrepreneurship center as the university’s first growth marketer. She’s passionate about uplifting the underrepresented and volunteers her time for the campus’ inaugural people of color in technology (POC-IT) affinity group. In addition to her cross-industry marketing experience, Nora has a background in sustainability and was awarded the title of SJSU’s Environmental Champion for her contributions to rolling out the City of Menlo Park’s first reusable bag ordinance and for her research on tribal renewable energy. Outside of work, you’ll find her running from bay to peak to ocean, volunteering at a Tenderloin homeless community center, petting the closest dog, and most definitely juggling three books at once.


Katherine Kulik | Vice President
2014 Honorable Mention
Arlington, VA
Katherine is from the greater Boston area and graduated from Harvard College in 2015 where she studied History and Science & Earth and Planetary Sciences. She now loves living in Arlington, VA and enjoying DC’s rooftop and restaurant scene, running along the Potomac, and working as a trivia host by night. By day, she works in the energy sector as a coder/ quantitative data analyst for a small, but growing firm analyzing electricity markets. Katherine also loves getting involved with environmental related projects, and in her free time has been involved with the Environmental and Data Governance Initiative (edgi.com) and project researching the feasibility of a CCA power option in the DC area (virginiacleanenergy.com).

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